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Senior Interaction Designer
Sustainability & Acc
essibility Lead
@ frog Philadelphia 


inspired to create a sustainable and inclusive world.

From intricate interfaces and complex information architectures to user research, Lucie prioritizes collaboration and ethical methods to design human-centric and business-oriented experiences.


User Interactions

Lucie works with peers and clients to design new digital products and services using human-centered design practices grounded in research.


Visual Design

Creating stunning conceptual visuals is one thing, but what Lucie strives for is the challenge of translating complex ideas, information and data in clear, engaging and unexpected ways.


Accessible Design

Certified in Accessible Design, Lucie follows accessibility best practices, and always questions processes to insure inclusivity and ethical methods.


User research

To fully understand the needs and pain points of users, Lucie engages in qualitative and quantitative research, including interviews, synthesis, ideation sessions, workshops...

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Worked in several industries, including:
Technology, VR/AR, Transportation, Healthcare, Marketing, Education, Finance, Crypto & NFTs.

Passionate about her work,
she always looks for ways to push beyond what is expected.



Inclusive & Sustainable Design Workshops

Lucie strives to organize workshops and ideation sessions to spark learning opportunities and collaborative thinking around ethical issues in different industries.


Redefining Human-Centric Design Article

After getting certified in Accessibility (CPACC) and months of research, Lucie wrote about ethics and accessibility in the design processing an impactful business case.


Keynotes about Accessibility & Inclusivity

Lucie presented several Keynotes to 100+ people audiences in the tech industry, helping them rethink their work processes and reflect on their biases.


Improvement of Design Processes for Ethics

By bringing awareness, advocating for ethics and teaching others, Lucie works on improving design processes to ensure ethical outcomes in the tech industry.

"Lucie is not the type of designer who sits around and waits for direction, which is the best design collaborator."

Anonymous Peer

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About Lucie aka Lulu


Lucie was born in Nice, France. She grew up with lavender🪻and lemons🍋 at her fingertips, and early on, started drawing and painting🎨.

She then studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Paris🥐, and UX/UI in New York City🍎. She has worked in advertising, branding and VR/AR at numerous design studios in NYC before starting her journey at frog🐸.

Her love for nature and her experience with dyslexia lead her to reflect, learn, act and educate others about the importance of ethics, more specifically inclusion👐, accessibility🐕‍🦺 and sustainability🌱.

Contact her anytime!

Experiences & Education


Is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
Wrote her thesis on Sustainability and the food industry
Received 3 awards for her DE&I work within frog
© 2023 Lucie Bole

She would love to get to know you!

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