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A cloud service catalog's new features & improved user flows



My colleague and I worked directly with the client's design team. We worked with their product managers and designers, and had specific tasks to take care of. My responsibility was to improve the platform's purchase user flow.



Interaction Design
Experience Design
User Flows



Interaction Designers (me) 
Product Manager



Information Technology
Cloud Computing Services


My first task was to reimagine the purchase user flow, which didn't include a way to select and set up multiple catalog services at the time. My second task was to identify and create additional features within that flow.



After analyzing the current purchase user flow, I proposed different ways to provide users with the ability to purchase and set up multiple services in one purchase.

I also worked on additional user flows such as quote management and template creation. Additionally, I created documentations for developers to understand and create these new features.



Key Takeaways

At that time, working alongside a client's team with other work processes has been both inspiring and educational for me. This team's approach to Agile and product management encouraged me to explore new ways of managing my own work as a consultant.

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